Message from Board Of Directors

As the disruption of the media industry intensified, the Company and its subsidiary company ANTV ramped up preparations to anticipate the digital future.

During this challenging period, ANTV continued to focus on generating interesting and engaging content in 2020, retaining the #1 rated channel outside of Jakarta with average audience share of 14.8% which is a highly promising achievement given that secondary cities in Indonesia are projected to experience higher growth than the capital city going forward

In terms of content, ANTV’s micro-targeting programming strategy ensured that ANTV remained solidly competitive, occupying the top 6 rank in all dayparts. In addition, ANTV launched various local new series that were well received by audiences, complemented by exciting foreign series that truly appealed to local Indonesian audiences as proven by its performance which is in the top rank. In parallel, we strengthened ANTV’s digital presence and social media followers. With more than 95% of Indonesian audiences simultaneously consuming both FTA TV and digital, we believe that FTA TV and digital will complement each other in line with society’s transition to Industry 4.0.

ANTV strove to actively transform its mindset and businesses processes to create synergies between FTA TV dan digital content, in order to optimally reframe its content for the digital future. ANTV’s FTA broadcast content is now widely available on digital media, including ANTV’s mobile channels and social media channels as well as digital platforms belonging to other VIVA Group members. Conversely, ANTV has also leveraged digital platforms to create interest in its broadcast content. These achievements reflect the successful integration of our human resources into a unified team towards creating a 360° experience for audiences.

ANTV further embraced the digital era by creating new online content, various digital portals and strengthening its social media platforms so as to attract new viewers outside of its current FTA viewers. To do so, team created several original web mini-series for YouTube such as Cek Kontrakan Sebelah, the Maya web series and the March 29 web series. ANTV also worked together with various Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), prominent YouTubers and so forth to create innovative and creative content and promote ANTV's content.

Recognizing that digital viewers have slightly different demographics than its traditional FTA TV viewers, the ANTVklik website was enhanced to become a news portal and MILZERU was launched as a new digital site geared specifically to millennials, with as a video-on-demand platform delivering clips of ANTV’s broadcasts. Through these new digital assets, ANTV hopes to broaden its audience reach and engage new millennial viewers.

With the progress that we have made , we believe that we are in a strong position to realize growth going forward. According to Media Partner Asia A, FTA TV will continue to be the most dominant media in Indonesia, absorbing more than 50% of net advertising expenditure in Indonesia. On the other hand, digital uptake is expected to continue accelerating, stimulated by 4G network expansion and increasingly affordable data packages as well as the proliferation of digital products and services in the Indonesian digital ecosystem. As such, with its strong FTA TV platform and continuously developing digital assets, we believe that ANTV can become more competitive than ever in the digital era.

Going forward, ANTV will continue to pursue integration between digital and FTA TV content, supported by off- air activities for sustainable growth in synergy with other VIVA Group members to drive profitability

Good corporate governance (GCG) is a high priority in running the Company and ANTV. As such, the management continued to implement the GCG principles of transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence and fairness in all aspects of our operations and reporting. The Company always strives to comply with all applicable rules and regulations. Through ANTV, the Company carried out various CSR activities ranging from community initiatives to campus visits, donations, medical treatment and assistance of natural disaster victims. The Company always remembers that its success is inseparable from the welfare of the Indonesian people.

Facing the challenges of the digital era and Industry 4.0, a challenging but exciting chapter with many opportunities lies ahead. With the hard work of our employees and the support of our valued viewers, advertisers, partners, shareholders and stakeholders, we believe that we can continue to advance and become a media company with integrated FTA TV and digital assets.

In closing, the Board of Directors would like to thank all of the stakeholders mentioned above. We are confident that our efforts this year have put us on the right path as we move to embrace the digital future.

Board of Directors

Arief Yahya

President Director

RM Harlin Erlianto Rahardjo


Ahmad Zulfikar